Handmade interior decoration items and Moroccan rugs

Bringing the treasures of Morocco to your front door...

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Handmade Moroccan rugs and accessories - an authentic decoration in your interior

Moroccan style is known for its bright colors, textured materials, and picturesque carpets. If you want to revitalize your interior with an original distinctive item that has its own history, you can do it right now. In our Moroccan home decor shop you can buy online a carpet or accessories that will complement any room in your home or office.

Moroccan carpets - symbolism, interwoven with beauty

Hand-made carpets from Morocco have a pronounced pattern, so they are rightfully famous for their outstanding beauty. Each graphic element contains a certain symbolic sense, for example, protecting from evil spirits or attracting wealth. The spectacular combination of expressive and bright colors with original ornaments makes any such canvas a source of incredible African energy.

How it is made

In Morocco, carpets are made mainly of sheep's wool, but sometimes they use goat fluff or wool of dromedaries (single-humped camels). Carpet weaving is a painstaking and long process, as all works, including sheep or camels shearing, washing, wool drying, twisting of threads, are made manually. For coloring, only natural dyes are used. The production of one rug can take from several months to several years.

Woven work of art - in your home!

Our store offers Moroccan carpets for sale - an exclusive product, only of high quality and exceptionally handmade. Unique woven carpets with characteristic ornaments can effectively diversify a monophonic interior, giving the space a feeling of warmth and comfort. In the range, there are natural woolen carpets of different sizes with magnificent vivid patterns for every taste.


We have such types of carpets:

  • Beni Ouarains Rugs

  • Taznakht Rugs

  • Taznakht Glaoui

  • Taznakht Runners

  • Wedding Blankets


Additionally, you can buy from us the wonderful Moroccan accessories for your home or office, including thuya wood products, ceramics, cane and palm leaf baskets and much more.

You can purchase these beautiful irems in our Moroccan carpets online store right now!